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OverMorpher World Space



System requirements

3dsmax from 2016 to 2024

License details

This product is available as Node Locked or Float License.

You can bake it to open or render the scenes without a license, or use the render version.

That’s a new 3dsmax plugin for animation.

It gives you all the freedom that even the best rig can’t.

You can sculpt your poses in animation at a specific time, and your corrective poses are blended on top of your mesh deformations.

It can be applied on top of any mesh deformations like a skin modifier, a point cache, a cloth simulation, an alembic cache…etc

That’s a really cool tool to add cartoony deformations, like smear frames, squash&stretch, change the silhouette, correct a cloth simulation…etc

It works pretty well with Combine to attach your animated meshes together before the pose sculpt process.

I want to say a big thank you to the beta testers: Will Eades – RealTimeUK David Gondcaille – Ouirdo Matias Zadicoff – Mediaramas Henrique Melo – Ingreme Fernando Fracaroli – Clan VFX


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